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Green Asphalt

Green Asphalt

being used by cities, towns, villages, universities, utility companies, farms, and marinas across the country,
cost effective, high quality, environmentally friendly product,

GreenPatch is environmentally friendly cold asphalt that is a direct replacement for traditional cold patch in repairing asphalt pavements. This revolutionary breakthrough in the cold asphalt industry contains
no petroleum based softeners such as diesel, toluene, kerosene, and naphthalene found in conventional cold asphalt that pose serious threats to human health and the environment. This is all achieved without
sacrificing quality or increas¬ing cost which makes it a direct replacement to the conventional cold asphalt that is being used on our roads to¬day. GreenPatch's lack of petroleum based solvents or cutbacks make it
a VOC compliant material in all fifty states. And unlike cold patch, it works! Properly installed, it is a high performance, permanent repair. GreenPatch is also affordable and is competitively priced
with traditional products. GreenPatch is available in different forms to meet your needs. Whether you are repairing part of your driveway or part of a highway we can help. Once you experience the many benefits
of this high performance, cost-effective cold mix asphalt, you'll understand why utility companies, road repair contractors, public works departments and homeowners are all switching to Greenpatch the first
truly environmentally safe cold asphalt mix. GreenPatch was developed by Cold Mix Manufacturing (CMM), established in February of 2007 by a partnership of asphalt industry leaders in the New York City area.
Its mission was to produce a competitive and cost-effective asphalt repair product while driving a dedicated research and development campaign towards innovation in high-performance materials. With the subsequent
expansion of "Green" industry initiatives plus rising pressures from government, health and environmental agencies about the many hazards of conventional cold patch, CMM recognized a need to limit
the environmental impact of the industry. By concentrating on the reduction of VOC levels (Volatile Organic Compounds) it developed a way to replace the petroleum based ingredients with all-natural substrates.
This research resulted in the first eco-friendly asphalt patch - Greenpatch. The results have been nothing short of revolutionary. CMM and Greenpatch are praised by the media, environmental groups, and legislators
for developing this 'responsible solution'. State agencies, municipalities, major utility and road construction companies, and home owners have now welcomed GreenPatch as the preferred asphalt repair material.
Green Asphalt is approved by the New York State Department of Transportation and is currently being used by cities, towns, villages, universities, utility companies, farms, and marinas across the country.
We can all do our part to reduce the harmful effects we impose on the environment. This is one instance in which a cost effective, high quality, environmentally friendly product is available to replace a hazardous one.
Cold Mix Manufacturing has established its industry presence and business community support with such trade organizations as NAPA (National Asphalt Pavement Association) and APWA (American Public Works Association).
CMM is also a member of the US Green Building Council (USGBC), the National Green Energy Council, and the International Green Energy Council. Green Asphalt has earned the first product endorsement awarded by the
National Green Energy Council (NGEC). Cold Mix Manufacturing is dedicated to providing quality products that are environmentally friendly. This commitment is demonstrated by its use of recycled asphalt which reduces
its need for stone and sand mining. Mining can result in unnaturally high concentrations of chemicals such as arsenic and sulfuric acid over a significant area. Large amounts of water produced from mine drainage,
mine cooling, aqueous extraction and other mining processes increases the potential for these chemicals to contaminate ground and surface water. GreenPatch - the Recyclable Recycled asphalt repair product:
Green Asphalt uses 40% recycled asphalt
Green Asphalt can be ripped up, recycled, and reused.
Green Asphalt bags are 100% recyclable
Green Asphalt is manufactured at a very low temperature, which reduces fossil fuel consumption by 70%
Green Asphalt is an preferable purchase and is the first product to be endorsed by the Green Energy Council.
Contains ZERO VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)- up to 640 F when tested using the ASTM D402 method (AASHTO T78). Contains NO Petroleum Derivative Cutbacks- A 100% decrease over conventional Cold Mix Asphalt which contains
dangerous amounts of the carcinogens benzene, kerosene, diesel, toluene or naphthalene.
Biodegradable Solvents Our solvents are derived from natural, biodegradable products that come from a sustainable source
Use of Recycled Materials An increase of 40-60% in the use of Recycled Asphalt Product (RAP)
Part of what makes GREENPATCH a sustainable solution is our commitment to using Recycled Asphalt Product. By reducing the use of virgin aggregates, we are minimizing the hazardous carbon footprint from the
mining process which also reflects on overall production costs.
Green Asphalt uses state of the art recycling equipment such as SCREENERS in our manufacturing plants to create RAP by crushing old asphalt material and millings from roads and city streets.
The screener separates and restores reusable aggregates to be processed and regraded into new asphalt.
Recyclability- GreenPatch can be easily recycled just like normal Hot Mix Asphalt
Eco Friendly Packaging All of our bags are recyclable
Energy Conservation in Manufacturing- Approximately a 70% decrease in fossil fuel consumption due to lower manufacturing temperatures
Resource Conservation in Manufacturing  40 - 60% decrease in the need from mining of virgin aggregates
Employee Safety Proper handling of GreenPatch is not hazardous to human health
Animal Safety The use of GreenPatch poses no threat to wildlife, marine life or domestic animals
Green purchasing Final product is considered an Environmentally Preferable Purchase
Green Asphalt is the First Product to be Endorsed by The National Green Energy Council
to Use, Easy to Apply, All Weather and Affordable


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