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Training of the Personnel

of the company are investments into the company. For a long time it is proved, that the main value of any company consists not in money, technologies, resources, etc., and in people. The qualified employees not only provide stability and an overall performance, but also repeatedly raise cost of the company. The system approach to a material statement will allow the participants who do not have an operational experience in this area, to receive all necessary knowledge, and to those participants who already are the qualified experts, to structure already available knowledge and to receive new tools for work. Some organisations prefer to employ qualified employees from the party, considering, that thus they save time and financial assets for training of own personnel. But thus that wide range of problems which can be solved during training of employees is often underestimated. Except granting to workers of necessary knowledge and developments in them of the skills which are required for work in new conditions, study urged to transfer the important information on the organisation, to promote strengthening of desirable samples of behaviour and increase of degree of adherence of the personnel of the organisation. Thus, training is the major tool with which help the management has an opportunity formations such оргкультуры which will promote successful achievement of the organizational purposes. As shows experience of the best companies, realisation during training of these "additional" problems is not less important, than a complex of the problems connected with transfer to listeners of knowledge and development of necessary professional skills. Training of the personnel for the majority of the Russian organisations gets now special value. It is connected by that work in the conditions of the market demands much of a personnel skill level, to knowledge and skills of workers: Knowledge, skills of installation which helped the personnel to work successfully still yesterday, loses today the effectiveness. Very quickly change as external conditions (State economic policy, the legislation and taxation system, occurrence all new and new competitors, etc.) and internal conditions of functioning of the organisation (re-structuring of the enterprises, technological changes, occurrence of new workplaces, etc.) That puts the majority of the Russian organisations before necessity of preparation and to personnel training to today's and tomorrow's changes. Personnel inservice training is necessary, when there is an introduction of new technologies. The firm “APV Ltd” carries out training to work on the put equipment for the personnel of the Customer – operators, electricians, mechanics. Training is carried out during installation and operation of the equipment by engineers of the company. In some cases are as required spent additional training. The customer appoints experts who will work further on concrete, асфальтных, brick, щебеночных or other factories as operators. Our representatives will carry out training to features of work in manual and automatic modes, on compounding programming (concrete, asphalt, a brick, blocks, plates etc.) Through a control panel and the computer. Mechanics and electricians are trained in service of factories in guarantee and послегарантийный the period. Programmers and operators are trained in work at factories in manual and automatic modes (from a control panel and the personal computer). Training is carried out throughout all term of assembly and starting-up and adjustment works. After equipment input in operation, the representative of firm in addition is on a platform of the Customer within several days and watches correctness of work of operators.


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